Nigger brains actually think police would believe it……,6437247.story

As detectives were investigating a rape that had occurred in West Baltimore, the phone rang in the sex offense unit. On the line was a “concerned citizen” who said that a man named Corey Braxton had tried to help save a woman from being raped on North Avenue.

The victim, however, said there had been no such intervention. Police now had a suspect…

Police said Braxton later visited the Western District police station to talk to police, waived his Miranda rights, and gave an audio and video recorded statement in which he detailed an altercation with a man walking out of a home where a woman was screaming. He said he ran home, where he told his mother that he had just helped a woman from being raped and had been cut.

As he spoke, detectives observed a bite mark on his left shoulder. The victim said she had bitten her attacker.

Police told Braxton that they believed he was the suspect, and he began to cry and scream, police said in charging documents. He said he didn’t use LifeStyles condoms… that was the brand of condom police found at the scene, but they had not told that to Braxton during his interview, police say.